Yamaguchi University Biomedical Engineering Center

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Life and Medical Sciences Research Division

Clinical Medical Science Unit

  • Diabetes and insulin secretory defects
  • Role of ß-cell dedifferentiation on the ß-cell failure of patients with Wolfram syndrome.
  • DBP signaling is imprtant for the glucose-induced insulin secretion, especially after first meal ingestion.
  • "Effect of inhaled short-acting beta-2 agonist (procaterol) on physical activity of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease"

Chemistry Unit

  • Separation and manufacturing technique of functional food and biopharmaceuticals
  • Analysis of drying process for functional food
  • Thermodynamic analysis of hydrophobic chromatography by isothermal titration calorimetry
  • Diffusion behavior of PEGylated proteins in ion exchange chromatography
  • Enzymatic reaction processes using liposomal systems immobilized with enzymes
  • Preparation of multiple enzymes-catalyzed reaction systems in liposomes
  • Calcium carbonate formation using carbonic anhydrase reaction and lipid membranes
  • Control of thermal stability of enzyme molecules using fine droplets
  • Protein delivery technology using surfactant nanoparticles
  • Design of electrolyte materials for Li ion battery based on "ion solvation"
  • High toughness ion gel using a tetra-armed poly(ethylene glycol
  • Li ion solvation cluster in room-temperature ionic liquids
  • Ion solvation and reaction thermodynamics in an electrolyte solution for Mg ion batteries
  • Development of multi-photon absroption probs for fiber laser excitation

Biology Unit

  • Identification of somatic mutations in ERα-positive breast cancer using deep sequencing technologies
  • Real-time change of neural activity in the hippocampal CA1 before, during, and after the exposure to emotional episodes
  • Aggregation analysis of human genes causing neurodegenerative diseases in yeast
  • Analysis of genes causing chronic skin disease psoriasis in yeast

Mechanical Informatics and Medical Engineering Research Division

Mechanical Engineering Unit

  • Diagnostic imaging; medical-engineering collaboration
  • Numerical analysis of guidewire/catheter in intravascular treatment
  • Estimation method of three dimensional position and posture for cervical spines using X-ray image
  • Study on parameter identification of the focal cooling device for a living body
  • Numerical model of a red blood cell for estimation of dynamical deformation
  • Identification of viscoelastic constitutive relation for soft tissues based on experiments
  • Study on biomechanical simulation of knee joint during gate cycle by using inverse dynamic analysis
  • FEM simulation of compression fracture in thoracolumbar transition vertebra
  • Head impact simulation using 3D brain model considering material properties of each part of the brain.

Information Science Unit

  • Extraction of pulmonary arteries and creation of tree structures for naming of pulmonary vessels using thoracic CT images
  • Detection of spiculations for small peripheral lung cancers on chest CT images
  • A study on Modeling post-mortem change of organs using post-mortem CT images of miniature swine
  • A method to generate CT images after lung lobectomy by using FEM for preoperative chest CT images
  • A classification method of lung nodules by the Deep Learning